Why Should You Clay Bar Your Car?

Claying It Up


clay bar


Over time, contaminants and dirt will bond to and embed in your car’s paint. This will result in a rough finish to the touch, even after a thorough wash. To help bring your paint back to a glass-smooth finish, you should use a clay bar, especially before waxing or sealing. Note: You don’t need to, and shouldn’t, use a clay bar after every wash, though.

A clay bar will gently lift and remove the contaminants off the surface. It helps provide a good shine, and it also opens the paint’s pores so that wax or sealer can soak into the paint. Always be sure to use a lubricant when using a clay bar to ensure that the collected contaminants don’t mar your car’s paint, and definitely do not continue using a clay bar if it’s fallen onto the ground.


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