eXoMod Intros “New” 1968 Charger Retromod in Electric Blue Pearl

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ExoMod, known for taking brand-new Dodge Challenger Hellcats, stripping them down to their safety cages, and completely rebodying them in carbon fiber as bespoke widebody 1968 Dodge Chargers, has built an Electric Blue Pearl Masterpiece with 807 horsepower and a hand-built custom carbon-fiber body.

exoMod carbon fiber charger

What’s starting out as a late-model Hellcat Challenger has been turned into perhaps the most awe-inspiring modern supercar cloaked in a classic 1968 custom carbon fiber body, with significant weight reduction, and a powerful, modern drivetrain that still retains its OEM warranty. eXoMod’s bespoke old school muscle on modern tech delivers a supercar synergy not seen anywhere else.

eXoMod spends 1,500 hours on its custom Retromod builds, ensuring the highest quality results and the ultimate ownership exclusivity experience—no one on your block, in your city, or even your state will own the same car as each one is built differently. Moreover, every eXoMod build retains what’s most important underneath the skin—modern luxuries and safety features not found on a restomod—including airbags, a state-of-the-art infotainment system, ABS, traction control, stability control, cruise control and much more. No personal relationships with a custom mechanic to keep your vehicle on the road needed!

exoMod carbon fiber charger

The eXoMod Electric Blue Pearl build includes:

Dodge Challenger Hellcat platform
Bespoke carbon fiber body panels designed to transform the car into a widebody 1968 Charger
8spd Torqueflite Paddle-Shift Transmission
1,500-hour build: No expense spared in the design and development of this custom carbon fiber wide-body with bespoke exoskeleton modifications
Custom Engine Compartment
400 lb weight reduction over modern Challenger
Brembo Brakes with six-piston calipers and 15.7” drilled rotors
Four inches wider than original Charger
6.2-liter supercharged V8 with Redeye Jailbreak option
807 horsepower
Custom Exhaust
Carbon reveal hood, rockers and rear diffusor
Pearl White Bumblebee stripes
Custom Italian Pearl Leather interior with suede headliner
Retains Dodge Powertrain warranty

Price: $345,000

exoMod carbon fiber charger

“I’ve always been a big fan of the electric blue pearl color scheme,” says Rick Katzeff, CEO of eXoMod. “Combined with the custom carbon-fiber body panels with exposed elements and the white bumblebee stripe, this car turns heads everywhere it goes. What most people don’t realize, though, is that there’s a modern supercar lurking underneath.”

eXoMod’s production team has more than 50 years of experience in the muscle car industry, building some of the world’s finest and highest-scoring concourse restorations and custom restomods. They saw a need for something new and different in approaching custom car building and the eXoMod Retromod is the result.

After completing a no-expense-spared ProTouring build, using the very best of aftermarket parts, eXoMod found that it was still 50+-year-old technology that proved finicky, unreliable, and less than enjoyable to drive. They believed the elusive perfect car was within their reach, that the quintessential combination of reliability and high-performance coupled with the iconic look of one of America’s most beloved rides was attainable. Born was a new style of building called a Retromod; the aesthetics of a classic, infused with the driving experience of a modern supercar.

eXoMod utilizes the best carbon designers and producers in the USA to build a bespoke, custom carbon fiber body enveloping the fastest production-car powertrain available. Find out more about their carbon car upgrades here.