Fast Friday | Ferrari F1 Pit Stop Perfection

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the Ferrari F1 pit crew were available to the rest of us?

Ferrari F1 Pit Stop

Ferrari F1 Pit Stop

Ferrari F1 Pit Stop

Watch the Ferrari F1 pit crew in action at the 2013 Melbourne F1 race:

Video | Pit Stop Perfection

Cabin Air Filter Swap

Meanwhile, for those of use who don’t have a F1 crew to service our car, there is an easy task that you can do to help your defroster work better for the upcoming winter days: Change the cabin air filter.

purloator cabin air filter

Changing the cabin air filter can help prevent dust, mold, allergens and more from getting into the air you breathe while driving. A new cabin air filter can also help defroster performance and protect your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Purolator has a video that shows the steps on this quick car-car task:

Video| How to Change Your Cabin Air Filter by Purolator


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