How Thermo-Tec Helps Cool Your RV

Cool Runnings

Your RV or motorhome runs hot under stress just like a car and Thermo-Tec can help with that. Well, not exactly like a car; few of us bring RVs to track day or race motorhomes for pink slips. Still, run one on a hill, especially towing a trailer or small car, and you’ll know what I mean. Here’s a quick look at what Thermo-Tec offers in the RV department.

Use the Cool-It Mat to battle excessive heat and noise that penetrate the driver compartment through the firewalls and floorboards. It is also perfect in doors, under hoods, and above transmission housings.

thermo-tec cool it mat
The Cool-It Mat is composed of resin-bonded silica blanketing insulation sandwiched between a Mylar facing on one side and a foil facing on the other.

The highly-reflective Mylar reflects heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit away from surfaces, while the foil side is orientated away from the heat source to conduct any penetrating heat across its surface thus providing the ultimate in heat protection. The silica blanketing is a dual-density composite and is the main sound insulator. It is easy to trim and can be applied with the push-in fasteners provided or any weather strip adhesive. Available in three convenient sizes, including a 50 foot roll, Cool-It Mat is about a 1/2-inch thick.


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