K&N High-Flow Air Filters

Reusable, Lifetime Air Filters

K&N washable, reusable filters allowing you to reuse one durable product for the entire life of your vehicle, and they can add horsepower and acceleration.

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

Spark, Fuel, Air. These are the three basic things your car needs to run efficiently. When the air cleaner builds up with dust, dirt and debris, the performance and gas mileage of a car drops.

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

Swapping an air filter doesn’t usually require tools and is a quick task. To change the filter on most cars, all that you need to do is loosen the nut and open the air-filter compartment. Typically there are several clips to unsnap, sometimes a few fasteners to undo, to be able to remove the filter.

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

To see how dirty your filter is, hold it up to a light. If you have been driving in rainy conditions, you might have sucked in water, so inspect the housing and wipe it down. Even better, get out the shop vac and tidy up the compartment. Be cautious to not allow anything to get into the intake duct, since it is direct path into the engine.

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

Some filters are directional, so look for an arrow to see which way to install it. You can swap out for a fresh air filter, or, if you have a reusable K&N filter, it can be cleaned, reoiled and reinstalled.

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

K&N High-Flow Air Filters only need servicing every 50,000 miles under normal highway driving conditions (as opposed to disposable filters, which typically need to be replaced every 15,000-20,000 miles).

K&N High-Flow Air Filters

K&N automotive replacement air filters are designed to add horsepower and acceleration to your car or truck by providing up to 50-percent more air flow. More air flow can result in crisper throttle response and more torque throughout the engine rpm range. K&N OE replacement filters are made up of multiple layers of oiled cotton filter media. Here are the steps to cleaning and reoiling a reusable K&N Filter:

How to Clean Your K&N Air Filter


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K&N is a world-class filtration company selling air filters, oil filters, and air intakes in over 30 countries. K&N sells over 5,000 products designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles, engines, and industrial applications. K&N invented the reusable high-flow cotton air filter in 1969 and has been perfecting the technology ever since. From their Million Mile Warranty to their Consumer Protection Pledge, K&N stands behind their products and their consumers 100%. The distinctive K&N logo represents performance from one of the original performance companies.