Meguiar’s Hybrid Paint Coating

Ceramics Classy

Meguiar’s Hybrid Paint Coating blends the best attributes of traditional ceramic paint coatings with the advantages of their proprietary Hybrid Polysiloxane chemistry. The result? Meguiar’s most chemically resistant and durable paint protection formula to date, that’s incredibly simple to apply.

This professional-level paint protectant provides over a year of durable paint protection that outlasts conventional waxes and sealants. TrueCure Cross-Linking technology delivers chemical resistance, long-term durability, and leaves paint slick with hydrophobic water-beading action. In the end, you get professional-level protection with extreme durability giving you the benefits of a ceramic coating without the high cost.

Advance chemistry delivers long-term durability with chemical resistance and protection that lasts over a year. Moreover, the Hybrid Polysiloxane formula provides professional-level paint protection that is easy to apply. The TrueCure Cross-Linking formula also bonds to itself and to paint to provide extreme durability.

Kit includes 1 surface prep bottle, 1 Hybrid Paint Coating Aerosol, 1 premium applicator pad, and 2 premium microfiber towels.


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