New Tools from Summit Racing Equipment

All the Fixin’s

Summit Racing has tools to help you extract fluids, properly tighten torque-to- yield fasteners, and effectively deburr and hone cylinder walls.

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Summit Racing Manual Fluid Extractor Pump

How do you remove fluid from a transmission, rear axle, or other component when they don’t have a drain plug? Get a Summit Racing™ Manual Fluid Extractor Pump. It can remove automotive fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, coolant, power steering fluid, and more without you breaking a sweat or making a mess. The pump holds up to nine liters of fluid and includes flexible nylon tubing in 5/32-, 1/4-, 5/16-, and 3/8-inch sizes. Adapters are also included so you can connect the tubing together to extend the pump’s range.

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Performance Tool Torque Angle Gauge
Many of today’s engines use the more accurate torque angle method for tightening fasteners, especially on critical components like cylinder heads and main cap bolts. A Performance Tool Torque Angle Gauge will help you do that. Its easy-to-view 360-degree scale reads in two-degree increments so you can quickly see the exact amount of torque applied to fasteners so you don’t accidentally overtighten them. The gauge works with all 1/2-inch drive ratchets, breaker bars, and sockets. A 15-inch-long flexible clip arm shaft, spring clamp, and powerful magnet are included.

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Brush Research BC Series Flex-Hone Deburring Tools

Brush Research BC Deburring Flex-Hone Tools can be used to deglaze, deburr, and surface finish any type or size of cylinder. The hones self-aligning, self-centering, and self-compensating for wear, so no setup or special training is required to use them. They can be used in virtually any tool with a rotating spindle like hand drills, drill presses, robotic cells, or professional machining centers.

Brush Research BC Deburring Flex-Hone Tools are available in your choice of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives with a 120-grit finish to provide an excellent surface texture on any material. They are sold in sets of 10.