ProForm Tundra Series Universal Transmission Oil Coolers

Cool Runnings

Tundra Series Transmission Oil Coolers are compact, with all four part numbers measuring in at 11.5-in. wide by 2-in. thick, and are jam-packed with cooling area. The coolers’ stacked plate-and-fin design is up to just over 29% more efficient than tube and fin coolers of the same size on the market – allowing them to fit into a variety of tight spaces.

proform tundra series coolers

The all-aluminum construction cooler is brazed in state-of-the-art ovens that prevents leakage and make them into a single unified piece of aluminum. To be sure, they are pressure-tested it at 175 psi, looking for any cracks or deformities. Then, submerged underwater at 80 psi to ensure no bubbles or leaks are present. Finally, they get coated with a black finish to help withstand corrosion.

The mount plates are specifically designed to be flush, with multiple mounting points to choose from. Making for easy installation as a standalone transmission cooler or with the existing factory OEM cooler. The proprietary louver design of the fins provides maximum surface area while minimizing negative airflow resistance. Cooler fluid equals optimum performance with longer engine and component life, and this versatile part can be used for a variety of other applications including engine oil, rear differential fluid, and power steering fluid. They are also great for towing vehicles.

proform tundra series coolers

• Universal Stacked-Plate Oil Cooler Design
• Use in Conjunction with OEM Cooler or as Primary Stand Alone
• Not Just for Trans. Oil, Use with Power Steering, Engine Oil, or Rear Differential Fluids
• Compact, Great for Narrow Spaces
• More Cooling Capacity than Like-Sized Fin-and-Tube Coolers
• Prevents Engine Coolant & Transmission Fluids from Accidently Mixing


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