Running Low on Gas Isn’t the Best Thing

Running on Empty

We all know that sometimes gas costs too much to fill up the tank. But running low on fuel may have a bigger hit on your wallet in the long run. It can cost more than simply running out of gas on the interstate.

low fuel

Gasoline acts as a coolant for your car’s engine. Running low on gas means that the electric fuel pump will suck in air, creating heat and making the fuel pump overwork and possibly fail—a repair that can cost hundreds of dollars. Dirt in the fuel tank can also block the fuel filter.

You should always have at least a quarter of a tank of fuel. Also, don’t rely on the fuel-range estimate in your car; depending on your driving characteristics, among other variables, those miles of range can diminish quickly. And always fill up your tank before a long trip, as you can get stuck in a traffic jam that lasts a while.