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When your vehicle is not behaving as it should, dive in and find out why with an Autel Tools scan or diagnostic tool. You can even diagnose and fix a temperamental TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and save yourself some money. Here are just some of the Autel Tools that Summit Racing carries.

MaxiCheck MX808 Scan Tool
The MaxiCheck MX808 Scan Tool has a fast 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and an intuitive user interface that makes diagnosis quick and easy. The MaxiCheck MX808 also has Auto VIN technology that can automatically identify the vehicle’s make, model, and year information.

summit racing autel diagnostic scanner

Here’s what you can do with yours:
• Read/clear codes for all available systems
• Reset Steering Angle Sensor (SAS)
• Reset service mileage and service intervals
• Relearn parking brake pad after replacement
• Forced DPF regeneration and fuel injector adjustment
• Register and reset battery

The Autel Tools MaxiCheck MX808 Scan Tool has a seven inch, 1024 x 600 resolution LCD touch screen that displays live data in text, graph, and analog form for easy review. It supports these vehicle data protocols:

• ISO9141-2, ISO14230-2, ISO15765
• K/L-Line and Flashing Code
• SAE-J1850 VPW and SAE-J1850PWM
• ISO11898 (high-, middle-, and low-speed, singlewire CAN, fault-tolerant CAN)
• SAE J2610, GM UART, UART Echo Byte Protocol
• Honda Diag-H Protocol TP2.0 and TP1.6

AutoLink AL529HD Scan Tool
The AL529HD can diagnose 1996 and newer vehicles using OBDII/EOBD protocols plus heavy-duty vehicles using SAE-J1939 and SAE-J1708 protocols. It has an easy-to-read 2.8 inch LCD display with color-coded LEDs and a built-in speaker to provide visual and audible readiness verification. Troubleshooter code tips help you pinpoint diagnostic issues, and the patented One-Click Readiness Key gets you ready for an emissions inspection readiness check and drive cycle verification. The AL529HD is internet-updateable and can print data using a Windows laptop.

• AutoVIN function for quick manufacturer-specific code identification
• Reads enhanced codes in powertrain system for Ford, GM, and Chrysler
• Retrieves vehicle identification information (VIN, CALID, and CVN)
• Reads and resets DTCs including ABS and airbag systems
• AC/DC voltage, resistance, diode voltage, and current tests
• Starter, battery, and charging system tests
• Reads live PCM data stream
• Displays live O2 sensor test data
• Reads, stores, and plays back live sensor data
• Freeze-frames and graphs data

MaxiTPMS TS508KMV-1 TPMS Sensor Service Tool
The MaxiTPMS diagnostic and service tool is designed to activate all known TPMS sensors, read TPMS sensor status, check TPMS system health condition, program MX-sensors, and conduct TPMS relearn. It features two service modes for more efficient diagnosis and repair:

TPMS Quick Mode has basic TPMS functions to check TPMS sensors and quickly program Autel 1-Sensor TPMS sensors.

TPMS Advanced Mode allows you to perform sensor checks, diagnose TPM sensors, program 1-Sensor TPMS sensors, and perform sensor position relearn function.

summit racing autel diagnostic tool

The MaxiTPMS tool has Autel’s exclusive TPMS status screen that lets you conduct these procedures:
• Read ECU sensor ID
• Check sensor ID and ECU ID matching condition
• Read and erase DTCs
• View DTCs detail descriptions

The MaxiTPMS comes with eight of Autel’s 1-Sensor TPMS sensors. These fully programmable, adjustable-angle sensors combine 315MHz and 433MHz frequencies, allowing them to be used in 98 percent of vehicles using a TPMS system. Built to match or exceed OEM specifications, the 1-Sensors can be quickly updated via free software updates for the MaxiTPMS tool.

Summit Racing carries other Autel scan and diagnostic tools, digital videoscopes to inspect hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle, and a smartkey programming tool to read, retrieve and write key information and other key-related functions.


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